Station Type: Torus
Allegiance: Planetary Consortium (Cognite)
Primary Languages: English, German

Controlled by Cognite, this station is home to some of the finest cutting-edge AI research in the solar system. Researchers here specialize in creating AIs with much of the general intelligence of AGIs but that are still sufficiently specialized and limited so as to pose no danger to their users and to have no self-improvement capabilities. Some of Cognite’s most speculative and secretive research takes place here, closed off from prying eyes. Our limited probing of their research models indicates that Cognite is growing increasingly radical in some of their new research inquiries, despite their past lessons and even recent admonitions from Planetary Consortium regulatory officials about working with AGIs that are insufficiently limited. Firewall considers this a significant enough potential threat that we have put in place several protocols and contingency plans for potential containment and termination.


Thought went into decompression 2 months ago and was evacuated due to the intervention of [REDACTED AT YOUR SECURITY LEVEL], this resulted in a small fire fight and an iceteroid being rerouted away from venus and into the station. This resulted in a 75% poplus mortality rate, despite the recovery of all Firewall participant cortical stacks being recovered, the vast majority were infected and some how corrupted their previous backups. This resulted in the True Death of four operatives, the remaining two from the team that investigated the [REDACTED AT YOUR SECURITY LEVEL], are being kept as infomorphs at a secure server in [REDACTED AT YOUR SECURITY LEVEL].

Accountancy note: Weregild has been offered to the two True Death’s that had registered next of kin.


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