The Tale of Maggie White Pt. 1
Case File: project-FUTURA//subject/616/Maggie White


begin transcript/… 616 refuses to go to sleep, she registers complaints with the creche AI that “…there’s a lady in red and she comes at night and scares me.”. Her sleep patterns have a slight peak in alpha waves but are within normal limits. Suggest a sedative algorithm.

Many of the children have started gathering in room3-exercise, 616 attempted to join them but was rebuffed by 223, Adam Conroy. 616 fell and was hurt slightly. 223 was disciplined by a monitor AI later.

616 is excelling with her studies and is already reading ahead of her accelerated age.


616 has started a diary.


I try so hard, but I don’t like it here. The other kids are mean, Aya says that it’s only for a little bit longer, but she’s been saying that for years. The doctors say that I’m doing well, they talk about the outside. I want to be outside. Today we drew birds in art. I drew a peacock and sammy drew a pidgeon. I want to see a real bird one day. I want to be real one day.

616 has been testing the limits of the simulspace and nearly caused a malfunction, she has been disciplined accordingly.

223 attempted to make contact with 616 but subject went into self imposed room isolation.


When 616 left her room 223 led her to room7-library telling her he’d found a book he thought she’d like. When 616 and 223 were the only one’s in the room 223 data expunged

Dr. Rivera – How was that even possible? He’s just a child, and an infomorph child at that. I want a report on my desk tomorrow morning.

Home on the Range
MARCH14-10AF 06:43GMT

Two hundred clicks south by southwest of Pavonis Mons at the TQZ border.

The cycler chews up the ground beneath it, thick and wide smart material wheels meeting the TQZ boundary path as it’s brought into view by the bike’s big headlight. The quarantine zone doesn’t need fences. The people who walk in don’t tend to walk out all that often, and anything that’s already in there doesn’t seem to feel like coming out for a quick stroll along the zone’s border.

The constant hum of the cycler’s propulsion system and the winds were the only sounds in this quiet and cold world’s dark morning.

The ruster on the bike took a big breath of the cold morning air and shivered. They tasted blood in their mouth, the sweet rusty taste of the Martian air. Their morph’s lungs worked hard, harder than any flat human could; abusing Thick’s law to maximise oxygen uptake from such a low partial pressure. They say the new ruster models don’t even have to deal with the migraines the carbon dioxide causes.

Light suddenly start’s to fill the world around the cycle as the sun rises, lighting first the red golden rust flats, then slowly bathing the ruins of Qurain, the bright light reflecting off of the cracked bio domes of the old city on Apollinaris Mons. The red dust choking any life left out of the place, burying it slowly with the help of the martian wind.

Jii, local mesh is giving us a proximity warning? Could you gimme eyes for a sec? Jii’s muse chirped in their skull. The ruster shifted in the seat and reached up to touch the ecto at their neck.
“Knock yourself out but I don’t see jack.” The ruster’s voice was harsh and raspy, one of the fun benefits of breathing in a C-O-little-two heavy atmosphere on a daily basis.
Weird. Sweep north 40 degrees for me? Nothing, just rolling clouds and little pink dustdevils. Or maybe a little trail of smoke? It was faint and far away, but it didn’t seem to be coming from the zone.

A large ship slowly phased into view, the wavelengths of light it had been bending seemed to be shifting to a different spectrum as it careened into the zone about a hundred clicks from Jii’s position. It’s reverse thrusters screaming under stress as it slowly plunged toward the ground.

“This is not my fucking day.” The ruster swore and spat into the bloody dust. "Core? Register emergency response request 80 clicks north of my position.

First Contact
#Incoming Encrypted Signal# Run 3y3Algorithm package? y/n?

Ni hao friend,

Doubtless you have heard of the recent and mysterious disappearance of Dr. Rufuss Tau, a leading Cognite psychosurgeon and xp personality. And If you haven’t, it has been covered, as is usual with the media, in much breadth and not nearly enough depth to actually work out what’s going on; so stick your muse on research and let it give you the details.

Anyway, due to his involvement with the Lost Project and Cognite’s activities on Thought, the higher ups deemed it necessary to track the movements of his associates in an effort to retrace his last steps. During this process to it has come to firewall’s attention that a child of the lost project that was under the observation of Dr. Tau will be docking with the LSCB Reward Of Sin soon. Their name is Minsc Rashem he will be in a standard menton morph and will be boarding on a small trading scout called the SCM Bad Trip. Now I don’t know what you’ve heard about the lost, but they can be damned spooky and this guy’s managed to avoid any ego hunters that have attempted to make a return on Cognite’s investment, so stay sharp.

Hopefully this should be a simple information extraction; let’s keep this low-profile and nonlethal.

Your proxy will meet you at the Korean food court on the third floor of the barge’s main cylinder, they will be in an old mk03-CRT synthmorph (colloquially known as a screen head). You will be provided with a time on the day so keep your schedule clear. You will also meet the other recipients of this message there.

Your sign will be “How’s the weather in Guam?”.
The countersign should be “Sunshine and smiles all round.”, as usual, if the countersign is not provided assume the contact is under duress or has been compromised.

They will provide you with your callsign and any other information or gear relevant for this mission.

Once again, let’s keep this low-profile and nonlethal.

Good hunting sentinel,



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