First Contact

#Incoming Encrypted Signal# Run 3y3Algorithm package? y/n?

Ni hao friend,

Doubtless you have heard of the recent and mysterious disappearance of Dr. Rufuss Tau, a leading Cognite psychosurgeon and xp personality. And If you haven’t, it has been covered, as is usual with the media, in much breadth and not nearly enough depth to actually work out what’s going on; so stick your muse on research and let it give you the details.

Anyway, due to his involvement with the Lost Project and Cognite’s activities on Thought, the higher ups deemed it necessary to track the movements of his associates in an effort to retrace his last steps. During this process to it has come to firewall’s attention that a child of the lost project that was under the observation of Dr. Tau will be docking with the LSCB Reward Of Sin soon. Their name is Minsc Rashem he will be in a standard menton morph and will be boarding on a small trading scout called the SCM Bad Trip. Now I don’t know what you’ve heard about the lost, but they can be damned spooky and this guy’s managed to avoid any ego hunters that have attempted to make a return on Cognite’s investment, so stay sharp.

Hopefully this should be a simple information extraction; let’s keep this low-profile and nonlethal.

Your proxy will meet you at the Korean food court on the third floor of the barge’s main cylinder, they will be in an old mk03-CRT synthmorph (colloquially known as a screen head). You will be provided with a time on the day so keep your schedule clear. You will also meet the other recipients of this message there.

Your sign will be “How’s the weather in Guam?”.
The countersign should be “Sunshine and smiles all round.”, as usual, if the countersign is not provided assume the contact is under duress or has been compromised.

They will provide you with your callsign and any other information or gear relevant for this mission.

Once again, let’s keep this low-profile and nonlethal.

Good hunting sentinel,



Sonnet Sonnet

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