The Tale of Maggie White Pt. 1

Case File: project-FUTURA//subject/616/Maggie White


begin transcript/… 616 refuses to go to sleep, she registers complaints with the creche AI that “…there’s a lady in red and she comes at night and scares me.”. Her sleep patterns have a slight peak in alpha waves but are within normal limits. Suggest a sedative algorithm.

Many of the children have started gathering in room3-exercise, 616 attempted to join them but was rebuffed by 223, Adam Conroy. 616 fell and was hurt slightly. 223 was disciplined by a monitor AI later.

616 is excelling with her studies and is already reading ahead of her accelerated age.


616 has started a diary.


I try so hard, but I don’t like it here. The other kids are mean, Aya says that it’s only for a little bit longer, but she’s been saying that for years. The doctors say that I’m doing well, they talk about the outside. I want to be outside. Today we drew birds in art. I drew a peacock and sammy drew a pidgeon. I want to see a real bird one day. I want to be real one day.

616 has been testing the limits of the simulspace and nearly caused a malfunction, she has been disciplined accordingly.

223 attempted to make contact with 616 but subject went into self imposed room isolation.


When 616 left her room 223 led her to room7-library telling her he’d found a book he thought she’d like. When 616 and 223 were the only one’s in the room 223 data expunged

Dr. Rivera – How was that even possible? He’s just a child, and an infomorph child at that. I want a report on my desk tomorrow morning.


Sonnet Sonnet

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